IRB Protocols

In order to submit IRB protocols, you will need RazorGrant access and a UARK email account, below are instructions to start that process and a Helpful IRB Training Video:

Step 1: Email to request RazorGrant access

Step 2: Heather will work with you to get your information and set you up as an affiliate

Step 3: Once you are set up, Heather will provide instructions to activate your UARK email account and login to RazorGrant.

The entire set up process typically takes 3-5 business day

RazorGrant IRB Training Video is now available.

The FIN-312 has been updated! Please use this new form when submitting your grant proposals.

If you are submitting a Federal Grant Proposal which includes a Subrecipient, you will also need to complete the new FIN-315, Subrecipient Monitoring Form and submit along with your proposal.

For best results, download the Finance-312 and Finance-315 forms and fill them in with the Adobe program on your computer.