Cooperative Extension Grant Projects

After the PI has received an award, a fund number has been set up, and the PI is familiar with the contents of the agreement, it is time for completion of the awarded project.

 During the project phase, be sure to remain in contact with  OSP Award Management Staff. They should be updated on your progress so they may submit invoices and process drawdowns. They also need to remain updated should the have any changes to their project, budget, or personnel that might require sponsor communication or approval.

While completing the project, the PI should keep all of the requirements of the sponsored agreement in mind and ensure compliance. Issues related to compliance might include internal UACES policy and procedures, conflicts of interest, financial obligations, confidentiality clauses, publishing clauses, intellectual property, and patents.

Documents and overviews of many compliance-related issues can be found on the Award Management page of the OSP website; however, compliance requirements vary between sponsors, so the specific project agreement should always be consulted.

OSP staff are always available to assist with any issues you have related to compliance or other concerns arising during the duration of a project.