Compliance Resources

In order to ensure we are in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, this website serves as an integral part of our continued efforts regarding Civil Rights/Equal Opportunity/Equal Access in the Cooperative Extension Service.  It is important for staff to have ready access to resources, materials and tools to help them fulfill their obligations.

Public Notification

To meet our federal obligations, Extension must notify the public we offer all of our programs and services on a non-discriminatory basis.  Below are Extension's Non-Discrimination policy, as well as our statements to be used in publicizing programs, meetings, or activities.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Public Notification Statements

Notice to Organizations

"And Justice for All"

Training Materials

This is a quick jump to Power Points, PDFs, and other materials to assist employees with seeking information on civil rights, diversity, harassment and other work-related questions.

2014 Civil Rights Training

2014 County Compliance Plan

Diversity Training

"All Reasonable Efforts" Training

Harassment Training

Required Employment Posters

This is a quick guide to all of the federal and state posters that must be displayed in a conspicuous location in the workplace area in the Little Rock State Office and County Offices for employees and applicants.  Please check here to see if you have the latest version of all posters.

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Other Materials

Additional information that may be utilized as resources for civil rights compliance.

2012 USDA Civil Rights Review

USDA Extension Program Guide

Download County Seat Maps

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