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Getting ready for one big transition: Project One FAQs 



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The overarching vision of Project One is for University of Arkanas System to operate even more like a single system. By bringing the member institutions of the system onto a common platform for their major administrative business functions, the system can realize better alignment and easier exchange of data between the institutions. The platform selected to bring about this alignment is called Workday®. 

This change will affect anyone in the Division of Agriculture who receives a paycheck, files expenses, works with grant money or hires personnel. 

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For the Division of Agriculture, there will be fundamental changes:

  1. Business processes previously divided between BASIS and Banner (or the Fayetteville campus and the Cooperative Extension Service), will be blended with one software package: Workday. There will be a single business center, with two locations, to serve the financial and human resources needs of the Division of Agriculture.  
  2. The Division of Agriculture will no longer have to rely on the Fayetteville campus for services, except for processes executed for Bumpers College. 


Our "go" date is July 2020.

However, planning and design work stretches back to July 2018. Financial and human resources personnel have been working behind the scenes to bring their processes together into a more seamless way of conducting business. 

Timeline for Project One


We plan to keep the lines of communication open and provide as much training and awareness of the changes as possible. Stay tuned to your email for messages about timeline updates, terminology and other factors that may improve your readiness for this change.


We have three change managers who are here to help answer questions and make the transition as smooth as possible. Feel free to contact any of them with questions. 


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