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Division of Agriculture Social Media 

Welcome to the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture social media page. 

The Division believes social media is an effective way to communicate with our stakeholders. The strength of social media is that it is built upon real relationships between people, with technology enabling people to easily connect with others in Arkansas often in real time.

Additionally, social networking can help to support the Division's mission to help improve the lives of Arkansans. 

See our best practices recommendations.

Getting Started with Facebook Accounts facebook icon 
Interested in creating a new Facebook page? Read our Extension Facebook Guidelines for new pages for tips, recommendations and resources.

Getting Started with Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an important part of connecting clubs and groups like Master Gardeners and 4-H clubs. However it is important that rules are followed when maintaining and setting up a private group. Below are official rules:

  1. Use the words ‘Official Division  ____’ in your group name.
  2. Official club logos are NOT permitted on groups that are not official.
  3. Include in the ‘About’ section of your group profile links to the contact information for agents that are admins of the group.
  4. Facebook groups should be registered (see link at the bottom of this page) with admin agent names and Division email addresses.
  5. It is required that TWO Extension employees be admins of the group.
  6. Personal opinions, religious or political posts (shared or posted directly) are prohibited on all Division social media accounts even if maintained by volunteers.

Getting Started with Twitter Accounts twitter icon 
Interested in creating a Twitter account? Check out our one page handy Twitter Tip Sheet!

For tips on how to establish a social media presence on Facebook or Twitter click the icons below to read more.

Get Listed!

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Social Media Registration

Want to add your Extension-related social network media presence to the directory? Make sure it meets our guidelines and register your page with our Digital Media specialist.